Intellectual Property

Genomic Health® is proud of the innovation and reputation that it has achieved in the area of oncology diagnostics. Therefore, we actively pursue intellectual property protections, both in the U.S. and internationally. If you have questions about Genomic Health patents, trademarks or copyrights, please contact the IP group at . Details about Genomic Health's brands and trademark policy are available on this website.

The Genomic Health websites, including, and, and the information contained and referenced therein, are for informational purposes only. Any reproduction, re-transmission or other use is strictly prohibited. All requests for permission to reproduce any information contained on these websites should be addressed to the Genomic Health IP group.


Please direct all inquiries regarding contracts or contractual obligations to .



The trademarks of Genomic Health®, Inc. (GHI) are used in connection with products and services worldwide to signify the quality and excellence for which GHI is known. GHI has obtained valuable rights through proper and continuous use of its trademarks. Adherence to the following usage guidelines will help to maintain the integrity of our brands and preserve their value.

What Is a Trademark?

A trademark is a word, name, symbol, device, design or phrase adopted and used by GHI to identify its goods and services and to distinguish them from the goods and services of others. Trademarks, otherwise known as brands, are usually marked with either a ™ or an ® symbol (a ™ designates an unregistered trademark and an ® designates a registered trademark). View the GHI Product Brands List. While these lists generally refer to trademarks used in the United States, some trademarks may also be used and registered internationally.

Referential Trademark Usage

You may use GHI trademarks to refer to GHI products in marketing and promotional literature, print materials and other media provided that:

  • You adhere to these trademark usage guidelines
  • You do not disparage GHI or GHI products and services
  • You do not imply a relationship or association with GHI that does not exist
  • You use appropriate notice on all trademarks and a footnote indicating that the trademark(s) is owned by Genomic Health, Inc.

General Trademark Usage Guidelines

  1. Use appropriate markings. Always designate the trademark with the appropriate ™ or ® symbol. Also, the first usage or most prominent usage of a GHI product name should be preceded by the GHI master brand in the same typesize, font and color and used on the same line.Correct: Genomic Health®, Oncotype DX®, Recurrence Score®
  2. Use GHI trademarks as adjectives. A trademark is an adjective that modifies a noun. Always use GHI trademarks as adjectives that describe the generic product. Incorrect: Genomic Health'™s breast cancer assayCorrect: Genomic Health® Breast Cancer Assay
  3. Attribute ownership of GHI trademarks to GHI. When you refer to a GHI trademark, please include a notice of trademark attribution where appropriate on all labeling, print collateral or other media: Correct: Genomic Health and Oncotype DX are trademarks of Genomic Health, Inc.
  4. Logos. You may not use any GHI logos without a trademark license from GHI. All usage of trademark logos shall be pursuant to these guidelines and any other guidelines applicable to that particular logo. Please contact GHI'™s Contracts Department, , if you are interested in a license to use a GHI logo or you require further guidance on proper trademark usage.

Misuse of GHI Trademarks by Others

If you learn of any trademarks that are confusingly similar to the GHI trademarks, please notify GHI by sending an email to . Similarly, if you become aware of any use of a GHI trademark that violates any of the rules describe above, including failure to identify GHI trademarks as belonging to Genomic Health, Inc., please notify us at . If possible, please provide a copy of the article or other medium in which the trademark violation appeared.


Below please find a list of trademarks asserted by Genomic Health, Inc. and/or registered with the United States Patent & Trademark Office:

  • Genomic Health® (text and stylized logo)
  • Recurrence Score®
  • Oncotype DX®
  • Oncotype®
  • Turning the promise of genomics into the practice of medicine™
  • Oncotype DX: Make it part of the conversation™

Genomic Health also asserts intellectual property rights in the look and feel of the Oncotype DX report. Exemplar reports are provided below:

   Node Negative Report 
   Node Positive (1-3 N+) Report
   Node Positive (> 4 N+) Report



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