Providing Physicians and Patients with Individualized Cancer Tumor Analysis

There is a tremendous need for new ways to manage and treat cancer, an extremely complex disease family that accounts for almost one out of every four deaths in the United States.1 An individual cancer contains many different alterations based on the unique biology of that cancer patient's disease. As a result, certain cancer patients may be more likely than others to develop advanced disease or to respond to cancer therapy and treatment. Until recently, we have only had limited insight into these differences at a cancer patient's initial
diagnosis, which limited clinicians' ability to choose a cancer therapy and treatment tailored to the individual.

This is where genomics research—the study of complex sets of genes and how they work in our bodies' cells to influence tumor biology and behavior (among other functions)—comes in. At Genomic Health, genomic testing services have been developed for breast and colon cancer, and new tests are being developed to provide clinically validated, individualized tumor profiles in order to improve the quality of treatment decisions for patients with cancer, ultimately with the goal of impacting cancer patient outcomes.

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  1. American Cancer Society, Inc.'s Cancer Statistics 2008. Accessed August 12, 2008.


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Access information about a landmark NCI clinical trial that uses Oncotype DX to indentify and assign treatment to more than 10,000 women.
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