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Life, changing.
More than 1 million cancer patients worldwide have used our Oncotype DX tests to personalize treatments and improve outcomes.
Our Mission
Genomic Health’s mission is to transform treatment decisions and outcomes in cancer by delivering clinically actionable diagnostics and services.
Oncotype IQ
Our portfolio of tests and services is aimed at delivering genomic intelligence that optimizes treatment decisions and outcomes throughout the cancer patient journey.
Over One Million Patients Tested
In collaboration with physicians around the world, we have delivered more than 1 million Oncotype DX tests to cancer patients worldwide since we made our first test available to patients in 2004.

Making An Impact

Genomic Health is leading in the precision medicine revolution to eliminate the "one-size-fits-all" approach to cancer treatment.
Our Pipeline
Developing liquid- and tissue-based genomic tests that address critical treatment questions throughout all stages of cancer.
TAILORx: Transforming the Treatment of Breast Cancer

Landmark TAILORx results demonstrate that the Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score Test definitively identifies the 70% of women with early-stage breast cancer who receive no benefit from chemotherapy, and the 30% of women for whom chemotherapy benefit can be life-saving.

World Class Commercial Channel
We deliver over 400 Oncotype DX test results per day to more than 90 countries through our centralized clinical laboratory, serving physicians and patients with our industry-leading customer service team and more than 200 sales and managed care representatives around the world.
Broadening Reimbursement for Patients Worldwide
Genomic Health is dedicated to securing reimbursement to ensure cancer patients around the world have access to our clinically actionable Oncotype DX tests. Outside the U.S., there are over 260 million lives covered and growing. The Oncotype DX prostate cancer test is now covered by Medicare in the U.S. for qualified patients, giving nearly 60,000 prostate cancer patients the opportunity to personalize their cancer treatment.
Unsurpassed Expertise
Unsurpassed Scientific and Clinical Expertise
Our expertise consistently demonstrates to physicians, patients and payors that our tests are improving treatment decisions and outcomes, providing significant benefit from both a care and cost perspective.
“Genomic testing helped me make my decision. I would advise anybody to get all the information you can before you make a decision about your life and your body.”

Jim G.

Oncotype DX My Colon Cancer Coach