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Oncotype DX for Prostate Cancer

Oncotype DX for Prostate Cancer | Genomic Health, Inc.

Addressing a Significant Unmet Need in Men’s Health

Typically, doctors have used prostate cancer characteristics such as tumour stage, PSA (prostate specific antigen) level and Gleason score to estimate the aggressiveness of the cancer and to help guide treatment decisions.

The information provided by the Oncotype DX® prostate cancer test can help doctors determine whether active surveillance or invasive treatment is the best course of action. The test – which is used for men recently diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer – looks at the activity of certain genes in the tumour in order to provide personalised information about how aggressive the cancer is. The test is performed on the tissue sample obtained from the most recent biopsy and gives an individualised result called a Genomic Prostate Score™ (GPS), which will predict the likelihood of the cancer growing and spreading.

For more information, please visit our U.S. website for the Oncotype DX Genomic Prostate Score


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