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Our Mission

Our Mission to Transform Treatment Outcomes in Cancer | Genomic Health, Inc.

World’s Leading Provider of Genomic-Based Tests for Personalising Cancer Care

Our Mission: To transform treatment decisions and outcomes in cancer by delivering clinically actionable diagnostics and services for patients.

Our Vision: To revolutionise the treatment of cancer throughout the patient journey.

Genomic Health UK, Ltd., located in London, is part of the global company Genomic Health, a world-leading provider of genomic-based diagnostic tests that inform treatment decisions and help to ensure each patient receives appropriate treatment for early stage cancer. The company is applying its state-of-the-art scientific and commercial expertise and infrastructure to translate significant amounts of genomic data into clinically-actionable results for treatment planning throughout the cancer patient's journey; from diagnosis to treatment selection and monitoring.

Genomic Health conducts genomic research to develop clinically-validated molecular diagnostic tests, which provide individualised information about certain types of therapy, as well as the likelihood of disease recurrence. These diagnostic technologies generate information that healthcare professionals and patients can use to make more efficient treatment decisions.

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