NoMatterMyAge Campaign


Highlighting Age Disparities in Genomic Testing Through the NoMatterMyAge Campaign

Earlier this year, we shared results from a unique study and collaboration between SEER and Genomic Health highlighting age disparities in Oncotype DX® testing and patient outcomes –

With more than 44,600 breast cancer patients in the study, results revealed that race, education and socio-economic status do not affect whether a woman receives a genomic test, but age is a key factor. Less than 10% of patients age 70 and older receive a genomic test and are 3.2 times less likely to receive a genomic test for their cancer compared to younger patients. As a result, older patients who did not receive a genomic test were more likely to be under-treated (not receive necessary chemotherapy), leading to worse outcomes such as lower rates of breast cancer-specific survival.

As a result of these findings, the NoMatterMyAge campaign was created with the help of breast cancer advocates to educate and raise awareness about this issue. Patients of all ages deserve to learn as much as possible about their diagnosis, including the opportunity to receive a genomic test to help make an informed treatment decision with their doctor.

Visit NoMatterMyAge ( to learn more about the campaign and access additional resources including the NoMatterMyAge video and infographics with key facts and statistics.

Please help share the campaign and the message that all breast cancer patients, no matter their age, deserve to learn as much as possible about their individual cancer when making a treatment decision!


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