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No Matter My Age Campaign


NoMatterMyAge Highlights Age Bias in Breast Cancer

Did you know that age is a factor that may determine whether or not a breast cancer patient receives a genomic test? Based on an analysis from the National Cancer Institute, patients under 40 and over 70 are far less likely to get the Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score test compared to patients 40-70 years old. Traditional assumptions about age, breast cancer aggressiveness and health may impact patients’ treatment plans – assumptions that all younger breast cancer patients have more aggressive disease and that older breast cancer patients either can’t tolerate or don’t need chemotherapy – resulting in the potential over-treatment or under-treatment of their breast cancer.

Developed in partnership with the breast cancer advocacy community, No Matter My Age helps educate and raise awareness about the need for all breast cancer patients – regardless of their age – to get as much information as possible, including a genomic test to determine if chemotherapy will be beneficial before making a treatment decision.

The campaign features a website with compelling statistics, graphics, and patient stories focused on the experiences and needs of patients across the age spectrum. Visit nomattermyage.org to learn more and share this important message about patient self-education and advocacy through your networks! A social media toolkit with sample posts, draft blogs and easily downloadable graphics is also available for you to use.

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