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Oncotype IQ
Actionable genomic intelligence to inform cancer treatment decisions across the patient journey.

Every cancer is unique and affects each diagnosed person differently based on the individual biology of their disease. To address this diversity and make cancer care smarter at every stage, our Oncotype IQ diagnostic tests and services portfolio delivers clinically relevant genomic intelligence that reveals the individual biology of a patient's tumor. This additional genomic insight helps physicians optimize treatment decisions for breast, colon, prostate and lung cancers.

Oncotype DX, our flagship line of expression tests within the Oncotype IQ platform, has been used to guide treatment decisions for more than 1 million cancer patients worldwide.

Moving forward, Genomic Health will continue to transform cancer management through our own development and in partnership with others, expanding our Oncotype IQ Genomic Intelligence platform to include additional liquid and tissue-based tests.

Oncotype DX: Defining Treatment Options and Personalizing Decisions

The Oncotype DX diagnostic tests analyze the activity of selected sets of genes in a patient’s tumor tissue sample, in order to gain personalized biological information to optimize treatment decisions for breast, prostate and colon cancer patients. 

Our Product Pipeline

Genomic Health has plans to develop new diagnostic tests for tumor typing and tumor tracking that address critical treatment questions throughout each of the many stages of cancer.
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