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Oncotype DX

Oncotype DX Personalizes Treatment Options and Improves Outcomes

Oncotype DX Breast, Colon and Prostate Cancer Tests | Genomic Health, Inc.

The Oncotype DX portfolio of breast, colon and prostate cancer tests applies advanced genomic science to reveal the unique biology of a patient’s tumor in order to optimize cancer treatment decisions. By providing answers to key questions about the aggressiveness of and appropriate treatment for early-stage cancer, our practice-changing tests help physicians and patients select the right treatment at the right time in each individual case. In this way, Oncotype DX testing helps patients and their physicians to optimize their cancer care and outcomes, enabling many patients to avoid unnecessary procedures and therapies, and saving the healthcare system billions of dollars in unnecessary costs. With over 1 million patients tested in more than 90 countries, our Oncotype DX tests have helped define a standard of care in precision medicine by making genomics a critical part of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

These clinically validated tests provide answers tailored to each patient and address critical clinical questions. 

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