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Leveraging our World Class Commercial Channel | Genomic Health, Inc.

Leveraging our World Class Commercial Channel and Leading Brand to Advance Genomic Medicine

For more than a decade, Genomic Health has led the translation of genomic information into practice-changing tests that help patients and physicians answer key questions about the aggressiveness of and appropriate treatment for early-stage cancer.  Utilizing our proven scientific, operational, and commercial capabilities, we intend to remain at the forefront of innovation.

In the next decade, we aim to accelerate this effort by developing a pipeline of products and services for managing treatment decision making throughout the cancer patient journey. These new offerings will include mutation panels, liquid-based monitoring tests to track tumor status and treatment effectiveness and a web-based information platform to gather and help evaluate patient test results over time.

To support our continued innovations in the field of genomic medicine, we plan to leverage our trusted brand and world class commercial infrastructure, which includes:

  • A centralized clinical reference laboratory receiving samples from more than 90 countries and delivering over 500 test results per day or >100,000 test results each year
  • An industry-leading Customer Service team speaking 13 languages and handling more than 500 interactions with patients and physicians daily
  • A team of university-trained, board certified surgical pathologists who examine and guide each cancer specimen through our analytical laboratory
  • A multi-disciplinary Case Review Team employing digital imaging, biostatistical analysis, and clinical expertise to address physician inquiries and requests
  • More than 200 oncology and urology sales and managed care representatives in the U.S and key international markets
  • The Genomic Access Program (GAP) which takes every possible step to ensure that testing is affordable, available, and accessible to all patients, so that patients can focus on their health.

With support from this leading global commercial channel, our Oncotype DX tests in three major cancers – breast, colon and prostate – have helped more than 1 million patients worldwide thus far personalize their cancer care.

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