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Business Development

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General Legal

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Government & Regulatory Affairs

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Intellectual Property

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Investor Relations

Tel: 1-650-569-2281

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Main Lobby (U.S.)

101 Galveston Drive
Redwood City, CA 94063-4700

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Media Relations

Victoria Steiner

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Media Relations (Asia, Europe, Latin America)

Federico Maiardi

Tel: +41-227-152-921

Email: fmaiardi@genomichealth.com

Patient Advocacy

The Genomic Health Advocacy program spans breast, colon and prostate cancer communities, engaging with more than 60 leading cancer patient advocacy organizations. Partnerships and programs focus on education around personalized medicine, the Oncotype IQ platform, policy collaborations, and a better understanding of genomics and molecular diagnostics.

Email: advocacy@genomichealth.com

Website Comments

Email: webmaster@genomichealth.com

Customer Service

If you have a question about one of our tests or about a specific order, submit your inquiry on OncotypeIQ.com.

Insurance and Billing

If you have a question about your insurance or billing on specific order, submit your inquiry on OncotypeIQ.com or contact Customer Service at 866-ONCOTYPE (866-662-6897).

GAP: Financial Assistance

Genomic Health offers financial assistance programs for eligible patients with financial hardship. These programs are based on financial eligibility. Contact Customer Service for more information.

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