“All patients deserve treatment that will work best for them. That is why I am thrilled to join Genomic Health. As a pioneer in the field of personalized care, Genomic Health has already written many chapters that have advanced treatment decision-making. Having spent my professional life bringing innovation to medical care, I am passionate about helping patients, physicians and societies recognize and capture the full value of personalized medicine and contribute to Genomic Health’s coming chapters on enhancing treatment decisions.”
Torsten Hoof joined Genomic Health in 2017 as Senior Vice President, International, leading the company’s international growth to ensure that the innovative suite of products and services to aid treatment decisions will provide benefit to many more patients and their health care providers around the world. Most recently, Torsten was the Vice President and Head of Oncology EMEA at Baxalta, where he built the company’s oncology presence in Europe executing the European-wide launches of treatments for acute lymphocytic leukemia and ovarian cancer. Prior to Baxalta, Torsten was the European General Manager for Endocyte, where he established its European organization designed to bring an innovative, precision medicine solution to patients with ovarian cancer. During his 10 years tenure as an Executive at Bristol-Myers Squibb, he led the global haemato-oncology franchise and, as EMEA General Manager and Vice President for HIV and Primary Care, he built strong teams, directed multiple launches and drove the growth of multi-billion dollar portfolios. In the earlier stages of his career with Roche, Torsten led the Tamiflu launch as a Global Business Leader and established Roche’s German leadership position in Virology in the mid 90’s. Torsten also served as an Independent Director at HRA Pharma until its acquisition by Goldman-Sachs/Astorg in 2016. Torsten holds a Master’s degree with distinction in Biochemistry from the University of Hannover and his work on drug resistance in cancer was awarded with a Ph.D. by the same institution. Torsten is an Alumnus of the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds.
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